Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Anne Tibbets of D4EO Literary.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 12.09.04 PMAnne Tibbets is a literary agent with D4EO Literary.

She is seeking:

  • Adult and Young Adult Science Fiction: “Give me your dystopia, your utopia, your bloody, bomb-ridden, and gun-blazing shoot ‘em ups with hearts of gold and threads of hope. Earth bound or in space. Bring on your new planets and aliens of all sorts. I’m not afraid of grit, but I do detest sexism. Blow my socks off.”
  • Adult and Young Adult Fantasy: “Give me your twist on magic; urban, high fantasy, or magical realism. Give me a unique location and a surprising hero, and I will be your greatest champion. Bonus points if female driven.”
  • Adult and Young Adult Thrillers: “Innovative thrillers only. Can’t stress this enough. ‘Just say no’ to alcoholic detectives investigating dead girls. Give me something fresh and well researched.”
  • Adult and Young Adult Mysteries: “Cozy or Domestic preferred, but the occasional procedural is also wanted, if it’s innovative and fresh from what’s already out there.”
  • Adult and Young Adult Horror: “Think early Stephen King mixed with Gillian Flynn. Literary-esque and fraught with anticipation.”
    Adult and Young Adult Historical: “Any time period except WW2. No redemptive Nazi stories.”
  • Adult and Young Adult Romance: “Interesting locations and any time period. I hate “Alpha” or macho jerks and the women who save them tropes. Rape is never sexy. Anything else goes.”

Anne is the author of multiple science fiction novels and a former screenwriter. In her free time, Anne watches television, reads, games, and participates in a myriad of “Old Lady” hobbies. She can be found on Twitter @AnneTibbets.



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