Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Betsy Amster of Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.16.58 PM.png[SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Betsy Amster is a literary agent and president of Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.

Her areas of interest — all for adult readers — include:

  • literary fiction
  • upscale commercial women’s fiction
  • voice-driven mysteries and thrillers
  • narrative nonfiction (especially by journalists),
  • travelogues
  • memoirs (including graphic memoirs)
  • social issues and trends
  • psychology
  • self-help
  • popular culture
  • women’s issues
  • history & biography
  • lifestyle, careers
  • health and medicine
  • parenting
  • cooking and nutrition
  • gardening
  • and quirky gift books.

“We do not represent romances, screenplays, poetry, westerns, fantasy, horror, science fiction, techno thrillers, spy capers, apocalyptic scenarios, self-published books, or political or religious arguments.”

Before opening her agency in 1992, Betsy spent ten years as an editor at Pantheon and Vintage and two years as editorial director of the Globe Pequot Press. A frequent panelist at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Betsy has also run publishing workshops at UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program, the Loft, the SDSU Writers Conference, and many other venues. In addition, she has been profiled in Poets and Writers, the Los Angeles Times, and on the Web del Sol/Algonkian Writer’s Workshop website.

The agency works with both first-time and established writers and is known for its expert attention to every aspect of the publishing process.



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