Writing Conference of Los Angeles fully postponed — Here Are Your Options

Hi writers,

Thank you for signing up for the 2020 Writing Conference of Los Angeles on May 2. It was going to be our 3rd time in LA and we were excited about the event. Sadly, we have to fully cancel the event because of COVID and other complications. This is unfortunate news and these are strange times for small businesses like ours. We just informed the faculty, and they were sad but supportive.

Please read this whole email when you get the chance. While we previously reached out to you (Kerrie did) and said that we were turning it into a teleconference, but we have made the decision to fully postpone the event until 2021. Here’s what happens now. We will list out all details. Contact Kerrie or I (Chuck Sambuchino) anytime — writingdayworkshops@gmail.com

1. Critique options are still ON if you want them.

If you bought a query critique and/or a manuscript critique of your first 10 double-spaced pages, you can still choose to engage those specific options, if you wish. We don’t need an in-person event for you to enjoy those. I am doing the query critiques, so if you purchased one as an add-on element, you can still email me your query and I can send you back notes within 3 weeks. And for manuscript critiques, you can send the work to us, we send it to the critique faculty, then the faculty reaches out to you personally to arrange a 10-minute call/Skype to discuss their thoughts, and they also email you formal notes.

Please let us know if you bought add-on critiques and still want to engage.

Of the 2020 LA faculty who were set to do manuscript critiques, the following confirmed to us they are still happy to follow through on those critiques and talk with you afterward via Skype or phone:

  • Gabrielle Prendergast
  • Eve Porinchak
  • Rufi Thorpe
  • Lynn Flewelling


2. Still want to pitch literary agents? If you stick with us, you can! (And we even have more agents joining us!) Here’s how it works — you have 2 options.

We know that attendees really value one-on-one personal agent pitches. Our track record of success stories at our conferences speaks to the value of these personal talks.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so we will try to explain everything. But the gist is that if you either switch your registration to an upcoming WDW online conference (you have choices) OR you move your money to a credit for any 2021 WDW conference (logically LA 2021, but can be anywhere), then you can keep your agent pitches for this year, and also get an additional free agent pitch AND learn of more 2020 agents to pitch. We can explain.

Here’s the whole deal: Some of our spring conferences — such as LA — are cancelled. That said, a few of our larger upcoming spring events have been transformed into full Online Conferences — specifically these two events:

The Seattle Writing Workshop on April 25

The Michigan Writing Workshop on April 25

We are very excited about these online events. Here’s why — at a typical WDW three-track conference like the WCLA, you choose five classes you want to attend during the day, but miss the other ten. But with these new online events, we are recording all 15 of the day’s live classes, and all attendees get access to the 15 classes after the event. Plus — we the staffers are recording a few bonus classes to send out to attendees, as well. It works out very nice. Attendees still get critiques and engage their virtual agent pitches (phone or Skype, etc), and attendees actually get more classes in the end.

So if you’re stuck inside but looking to forward your writing career, switching your 2020 WCLA registration to either of these April 25 live online conferences would be an easy & great move. Feel free to click on both links and look at the schedule pages to see the class schedule for both. Both events have 15 total classes, but the classes/teachers, are completely different for either event. Remember all sessions are recorded, so even if you cannot see the webinars live on April 25, you still get all content sent to you afterward, and we will even forward your questions on to instructors for them to answer following the event. No question goes unanswered at a WDW online event.

Or — another choice — is that you simply move your registration to the 2021 WCLA in full. We do not yet have a date for our 2021 WCLA but presume it will be in the spring/summer once concerns have lessened considerably. Keep in mind if you transfer your money to 2021, we will assume it is for our LA event, but it can be for any city. If you don’t reply to this email, we will assume a credit to LA 2021 is fine by you.

If you choose either of these options and stay with us, then you can still enjoy your 2020 agent pitches, if you wish, and do them virtually over Skype or the phone or Zoom, etc. Agents have been happy to work with us through these changes.

But there’s more. If you stay with us and choose either of those two options — switch to a 2020 online event, or transfer registration to 2021 — here are the additional benefits:

a) We will give you a FREE additional agent pitch of your choosing to be used this year or next. If you had no agent pitches, now you have 1. If you had 3, now you have 4 — etc.

b) Your list of agents to pitch has actually gotten bigger with these cancellations. See, we had to cancel 3 upcoming conferences that were all back to back — our May 2 event in LA, our May 9 event in SD, and our May 16 event in Tampa. We reached out to the agents at each and asked them if they would be willing to do virtual pitches (Skype or phone) with attendees who still wanted to do those pitches in 2020. Many agents said yes, and since it’s all virtual/online this year, you can have your pick of ANY of these agents to pitch. See the whole list here of added virtual SD/LA/FLA agents, and remember this list is in addition to the lists for either Seattle and Michigan.

That means you can:

  • keep your current agent choices for pitches (IF the agents you had are still willing to do virtual pitches — see the list)
  • switch to any open agents on any of the lists (joint, SEA, MICH)
  • get one additional free pitch
  • purchase any additional agent pitches that you like — $29 a piece.

To see the full list of available agents you can pitch in 2020 if you stay with us, see here:

2020 Agents to Pitch (LA, SD, FLA, and more)


3. If none of this sounds good, you can get a refund.

If this is what you want, let us know. You do not need to make a decision right this moment. Feel free to take a week or two to consider.

If you choose a refund, please allow 30 days for a full refund to be enacted, as we are dealing with a lot right now. We appreciate you working with us through this. It’s a strange time for small events businesses like ours.

Do you want the refund by check? Then we need a full mailing address.

If you paid by PayPal and want the money back that way, just say so. It can be refunded.

Our usual refund policy is 50% and has been for five years, but these are unique times, so if you choose, you can have a full refund. Please remember us in the future, especially hopefully when the in-person event reboots in 2021.

And keep in mind that even if you want a full refund of registration & pitches, you can still engage/keep any critiques that you like (see point #1 above) — let us know. That said, regarding point #2 above, if you choose a full refund, you cannot pitch any participating agents this year.

Ask us any questions you want.

Chuck Sambuchino and Kerrie Flanagan

coordinators, Writing Day Workshops

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