Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Danielle Bukowski of Sterling Lord Literistic

Danielle Bukowski is a literary agent with Sterling Lord Literistic.

Danielle joined Sterling Lord Literistic in 2014 and spent several years in the foreign rights department before transitioning fully to agenting.

Representing fiction for adults from smart bookclub to literary, and select nonfiction, Danielle is particularly looking for narratives from writers traditionally excluded from the publishing industry. For fiction, she likes books that balance plot with voice, have a strong sense of place, a unique hook, and are stylistically bold.

For nonfiction, she’s looking for work grounded in the author’s personal interest, rigorously reported and researched, and will expand the reader’s view of the world. Recent and forthcoming books include Memorial by Bryan Washington (Riverhead, 2020), At the Edge of the Haight by Katherine Seligman (Algonquin, 2021), The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson (William Morrow, 2021), High-Risk Homosexual: A Memoir by Edgar Gomez (Soft Skull, 2022), and Nuclear Family by Joseph Han (Counterpoint, 2022).

I like stories with a bit of the weird; a fresh and innovative plot; a big hook that grabs you from page one; stories with a strong sense of place; and writing that takes risks in style without sacrificing substance. Not necessarily all of this in one book, but ideally, your book will resonate with one of these areas.

“I am not the right agent for stories centered on sexual assault or disordered eating; true crime; romance; or children’s books.”


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