Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Kim Lindman of Stonesong

Kim Lindman is a literary agent with Stonesong.

Kim joined Stonesong as an assistant in 2018, and now holds the positions of Associate Literary Agent and Social Media Coordinator. Originally from the West Coast, Kim studied English Literature with a subfocus in Journalism at Seattle Pacific University, where she worked as a copyeditor. Since moving to the NYC area, she has worked as a distillery tour guide, a barista, and a researcher for the United Nations.

In nonfiction, Kim is looking for platform- or expertise-driven cookbooks, cocktail books, investigative journalism, social justice, social science, pop science, self-help and wellness. While she is primarily drawn to books with practical elements and actionable takeaways, she is also looking for narrative non-fiction that makes niche subjects accessible and engaging for a general audience.

Kim also considers select adult fiction: she has special interest in magical realism and speculative novels that straddle the line between literary and commercial. Please also consider her for horror, thriller, suspenseful mysteries, and grounded science fiction. Above all, she is drawn to books with a strong atmosphere, a propulsive plot, or both. She does not consider poetry, historical narratives, romance or books for children/teens.

In all categories, Kim seeks to maintain a diverse list of clients.

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