Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jemiscoe Chambers-Black of Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Jemiscoe Chambers-Black is a literary agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Before Jemiscoe “Jem” Chambers-Black joined Andrea Brown Literary Agency in 2020, she was an assistant director for film and television. Her love for books prevailed, and she went back to school to study English Literature and creative writing in fiction and earned her MFA. She represents adult fiction, YA, MG, picture book authors, illustrators and select adult nonfiction.

Jem is open to the following as of the top of 2023. Please stay tuned for when she opens more widely.


  • Romance—rom com, paranormal, and contemporary
  • Upmarket—commercial plot with beautiful writing
  • Suspense/Thriller, and a cozy mystery (think Living Single or Golden Girls with a dead body)

Young Adult:

  • Romance—rom com, paranormal, or contemporary
  • Contemporary—joy and struggle of everyday life, something real and gritty.
  • Thriller/Horror

Middle Grade:

  • Contemporary – can deal with hard themes, but with added humor for the younger reader. I am especially looking for stories that cover marginalized voices, biracial storylines, and interracial friendships!
  • Fantasy: magical realism, paranormal, urban fantasy, but must mimic themes that young people deal with on a day-to-day
  • Horror – would love any kind
  • Graphic Novels


  • Creators that illustrate any age group from picture book, chapter book, middle grade, YA, to adult


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