Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Noelle Falcis Math of Transatlantic Literary Agency

Noelle Falcis Math is a literary agent with Transatlantic Literary Agency.

Noelle is looking for projects that uplift essential voices from the margins and teaches us how to be better human. She is eager to work with and prioritize authors of marginalized identities, and is particularly drawn to stories from Southeast Asian, Pacific Island and Oceanic, and Indigenous perspectives. This said, she welcomes all stories with compelling writing that explores the mythic and the mundane, the sacred and profane, and the strange and fabulous beside the everyday. She likes to see characters evolve and change, teaching us further about ourselves, our own arcs, and the resilience of the human condition.

For fiction, she’s looking for literary, upmarket, and (especially) speculative fiction, including magical realism, fantasy, science fiction, and any genre bending and blending forms and risk-taking experimentation. She is particularly drawn to coming-of-age stories, multi-generational family sagas, migrant narratives, and unique ways of addressing systemic inequalities and the effects of colonization. She’s keen on reimagining folklore and mythology, sibling relationships, immigrant mothers and daughters, and, of course, some heart throbbing romance. She would love to see a novel-in-flash, some ancestral ghosts, and grounded historical fiction from the perspective of the margins. Ongoing favorites include: Vi Khi Nao, Marlon James, Han Kang, Bhanu Kapil, Anne Carson, Hiromi Kawakami, Samantha Hunt, Solomon Rivers, Carmen Maria Machado, Sayaka Murata, and Mona Awad.

For nonfiction, she’s looking for projects that explore the intersections of the personal, the political, and the cultural. She is specifically looking for narratives from the margins or from emerging artists and academics that know their niche deeply, with a heightened desire for Southeast Asian, Oceanic and Pacific Islander, and Indigenous voices. She would love to see strong essay collections, graphic memoirs, and narrative or prescriptive nonfiction exploring (or connecting) culture, decolonization, climate change, and revitalization efforts. Ongoing favorites include: Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adrienne Maree Brown, Cathy Park Hong, Alexander Chee, Mohsin Hamid, Claudia Rankine, Anthony Christian Ocampo, Jia Tolentino, and Carmen Maria Machado.

Noelle Falcis Math has garnered a breadth of experience as a writer and editor before transitioning into agenting. She holds a BA and MFA in English and Creative Writing, and has received fellowships or residencies from VONA (Voices of Our Nations), Tinhouse, The Seventh Wave, and Lemontree House. At VONA, she realized the lack of knowledge accessible to marginalized writers, which fueled her interest in publishing. In 2021, she completed the Los Angeles Review of Books’ Publishing Workshop and Transatlantic Agency’s BIPOC mentorship program.

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